One to get ready…

A love of nature informs a great deal of my work, whether pen and ink or painted in inks and watercolours or digitally. But I was not expecting the effort involved in the work I’ve just finished. It all began simply enough … a pen and ink on almost transparent paper. Transparent because I had “PLANS“!!!

Pen and ink

Pen and ink on transparent paper

The pen and ink finished I began my ‘Grand Plan’. On the back of this sheet of mostly transparent paper, I used water-colour pencils to gentle colour and shade. Then I set it aside.


Next step… Some beautiful Fabiano paper which I proceeded to paint in matching tones in coloured inks and some water-colour.

Holding my breath and crossing my fingers, I fused these together and waited while this ‘set’ and dried completely. Once all that was done, I then painted the top layer in more inks, allowing some of the underneath layers to show through.


Finally, after many hours and anxious moments – finished

And finally it was done, and I was ‘done’ as well. I won’t be repeating that process as it took so long and was subject to far too many imponderables and the chance of ruining both drawing and painting too high. But I’m glad I did it this once if only to learn what not to do again.


But it did inspire me to pull out a half-finished drawing and complete it. This sat around for nearly two years and I was on the point of throwing it out. The skin tone was driving me crazy. Finally at 2 am I had it where I wanted it and heaved a huge sigh of relief.


She’s the Lady of the Lillies and she finally had the skin tone needed and I was tired but happy 🙂

It was originally twice this size with more lillies and that was one of the things that was distracting me. Sometimes savage cropping is necessary to reveal what a painting is really all about. Once I took that step and cropped all unnecessary edges her ‘look’ was all important. That faraway gaze was suddenly central to the painting and the painting I was all set to throw away became something worth holding on to, at least I thought so once it was done.

And finally, a digitally painted ‘nature’ image to round things out and to make up for being away for some time and not being able to post 🙂


Goddess of Winter blowing kisses to Spring as she fades into the background and Spring showers her with blossoms.


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