I’ve said elsewhere how my first contact with ‘art lessons’ was such a loss I almost stopped drawing and painting altogether. Recently however I stumbled over a site that offered online workshops and a free one.

Given my prior experiences I chose to do the free one before taking on anything else. Welllllll…. I was more than pleasantly surprised. is Tamara Laporte’s site and her free workshop is here

Jenirose Hall all rights reserved

Work in progress – experimenting with messy background and painting a very different face

Jenirose Hall all rights reserved

Workshop piece – still working on her

Tam is full of bubbly enthusiasm for what she does, generous with her explanations and methods and has a wonderful sense of humour. Nothing special about that right? Wrong. This delightful young woman has her hands full with two rambunctious young boys under 5!!! Oh but that’s not all. Tam has rheumatoid arthritis, and if you look carefully while watching her paint, you can see that it has affected her precious artist hands. But does that stop her? Nooooooo. I can see her with a brush strapped to her hand rather than stop painting.

It took me one good look at Tam, how she works, and her art work to sign up for LifeBook 2013, which you can check out here,

Through Tam I also discovered Motley Soul,

I learned so much through Mika’s videos I’ve been drawing like a mad woman ever since

Jenirose Hall all rights reserved

A fun day of first doodling to loosen up, then drawing some whimsical character faces

More character faces, I have plans for these girls :)

Cheers all, hope this has been a help and inspiration to some of you to get out there and find yourself some new ways to express yourself. No I am not affiliated with either of these sites, just an enthusiastic participant and one who has found a way to break through her usual ways of drawing into a whole new and fun way of doing things.


8 thoughts on “WORKSHOPS AND WIP

  1. Wonderful endorsements, beautiful work! I have just been to for the 1st time today and am hopeful.

  2. I too found Motley Soul via Tams website! Tam is one of the sweetest people & artist that I have come in contact with! I was searching and very much broke when I stumbled across her group quite by accident. Wonderful lady. I found Mika via Tam……! Beautiful how things work isnt? 🙂 I love your art Rosy and am so glad we “met”.

    • Yes, serendipity is a wonderful thing. I’m delighted to have met them both and how can anyone not love Tam? 🙂 I’ll be writing up more later and thank you for your comment Rosalind.

    • Thank you Rosalind, and sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve been working on a number of assignments and hardly had my head above water, but happy as 🙂

    • You’re welcome Chucky-egg 😀 Anyone who goes for a look is going to fall in love with you and your personal warmth Tam. Nearly wet myself watching ’10 things you must do’ lol

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