Thank God I didn’t …!

Yes yes I know. The static front page says “Once or twice a week … Fri to Sun”.

Nice going Rosy! Where are you?

Simple answer: snowed under with glorious, fun and fabulous art and ‘arty’ assignments πŸ™‚ So….. Thank God I didn’t promise to post every single day of the week. (Sheepishly looks over at Melissa and ’20 lines a day’ – oh heck… that! I did, didn’t I?)

I do promise to write more about the workshops when I’m further along and have had time to digest what has been happening and the results, I’ll also post more images at that time. AND…… I’ll have more information for you then about courses and the ‘who/what/when’ of the workshops.

Until then, please forgive my lack of appearances I will do my best to make it up as soon as I can. Hearty blessings on my followers with thanks and appreciation.

Doing my best to spread those creative wings and fly πŸ™‚

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