I can’t live without…

Well artistically speaking I can’t live without these…

I can't live without these

I can’t live without these

  1. Masking tape
  2. & 6 Faber Castell artist quality coloured pencils  – [2] Polychromos [6] Albrecht Durer – 72 of each
  3. Brayer (great for both effects and for rolling on Gesso)
  4. Water colour – inexpensive and really very nice colours from Koh-i-Noor – not the best in the field but far from the worst, they also make the best graphite pencils in 8B that I’ve ever found – velvety and dark in both traditional and woodless.
  5. Pentel water brush (fill it with either water or, eg, ink)
  6. as per 2
  7. Gesso – essential! and wonderful to draw on when preparing journal pages
  8. Micron pens genuinely waterproof when dry
  9. 2 of a selection of white pens
  10. Paper stumps – I also use cotton tips and finger tips 🙂
  11. Water soluable crayons
  12. White acyrilic
  13. My favourite brushes

Obviously I have other supplies but these are the things I use pretty much every day. As my Faber Castell’s are gradually wearing down I’ll slowly collect Prismacolour pencils in the colours I know I will use.

And of course this doesn’t include mediums – they are forever being added to and replaced.

Cheers all, and happy creating to you 🙂


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