Departures and Returns

This year marks an important departure and return for me.

DEPARTURE – digital is coming in at a definite second this year.

No I haven’t given it up, I’m just concentrating on …

RETURNS – after a long long separation I am returning to an old love

Mixed Media. Which means more drawing/sketching and painting, along with collage, making my own stamps and some stencils and generally getting messy. Oh! And how could I forget… Visual (art) Journalling. Picking up brushes, paints and a swag of interesting goodies to play with, including messy glues and lots of mediums to ensure I can move from one media to another, has been not just fun, but a steep learning curve.

In the break away from hands on work, other than pen and ink and pencil, much has changed, and learning about those changes has been both enlightening and challenging, but yes, always, always and in all ways… F U N.

First offerings for 2013
Copyright Jenirose Hall all rights reserved

and number 2 and counting
Copyright Jenirose Hall all rights reserved

Both are mixed media incorporating collage, watercolour, paint, inks and whatever else came to hand at the time.

May 2013 be especially kind to you.


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