Kudos and a little ‘online’ help

It’s often very difficult to obtain art supplies here in Oz that our overseas friends take for granted. So I’ve become something of an addict at searching the net for Australian suppliers, especially those who will mail out. For those Aussies who have the same difficulties here’s some Australian sites I’ve found that are very  pleasant to deal with.

Great customer relations, helpful and pleasant. Bought my individual Prismacolour pencils here and some Caran d’Ache Neocolours – scarce as hen’s teeth in Oz but can be bought individually here –  http://www.theartshop.com.au/

http://www.craftonline.com.au/  Copic, Tim Holtz and Ranger goodies. I’ve bought several items here and been pleased with the results.

If you love Atelier and can’t get them where you are, then this is for you. I’ve loved  Atelier for the longest time, vibrant colours, beautiful to work with, and great coverage. I’m looking forward to trying their new Free Flow line sometime soon especially as I’ve just about run out of the ones I’ve had since….. well… since the Ark landed!  http://www.artmaterials.com.au/

For those having some difficulties with colour choices, or just colour addicted (like me) here’s a site that may prove helpful: http://www.colourlovers.com/

No, I’m not affiliated with any of the sources mentioned here. No I’m not paid to ‘advertise’ any of them, in fact they are blissfully ignorant of this blog. Hmm may have to fix that lol. The only one I haven’t tried yet is Atelier’s site but that’s because it’s a recent find and Christmas has me holding an empty wallet and card 🙂

What I’d like to know are where are the Australian stamp makers – the good ones? Not to mention stencils for art journals/mixed media and scrapbooking. I’ve given up on stamps, no bad thing since it’s driven me to create designs for myself! Stencils! Well frustration plus – the cost when overseas (especially US postage) is added makes buying such a lightweight item ludricrous. C’mon Aussies.

Cheers and happy creating.


2 thoughts on “Kudos and a little ‘online’ help

    • That’s great Ngaire, however I was targeting those who are looking for artist’s quality supplies, some of which are extremely hard to come by here.

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