Gifts and Grandchildren

As per my previous blog, in thinking over mortality I wondered what I would leave for my grandchildren (as yet unborn). I don’t have money or property to leave for them, and my gracious daughter listed the gifts I already leave. They are her loving words, and touched me deeply, but it is not for me to repeat as they are her own thoughts and feelings. It’s very humbling when your child (now an adult) reaches out and tells you how you have touched and influenced her life in positive ways. No mother is perfect, and don’t we know it! But to hear the good things given and received is a gift too precious for words.

That made what I am putting together all the more important to me. What if I am not here to meet these precious children when they arrive? How will they know me in their own way? Those thoughts prompted me to want to put together what I can do. A book (or 2 or 3) of illustrations and quotes I love. Since I love art, and in particular the joy of fantasy, that is my first project.

In the coming weeks I will share some of the paintings I have been doing. But first a look at the cover I painted.

Joynal Cover

This is an old and outdated atlas so I am working with an ‘altered book’ and filling it with images I love and hope they will enjoy.

A bit of whimsy, not yet finished. The scan is not great (grey patches) as the current scanner I have, generously on long term loan, doesn’t allow for the lid to be left up so shadows form.


I love whimsy and she is so cute I will probably redo this and include it in the book.

I’m currently completing a course with Jane Davenport (Joynal) and I’m so enjoying it. Jane’s enthusiasm is extremely contagious and her way of teaching gentle, fun, and encouraging.

These 2 are preparatory drawings for the early stages of the course. I can see the possibility of working on these and including them somewhere.

quick sketch_painting Quick preparatory paintings

Hope you enjoy these and may you have many happy hours of creating 🙂












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