Sketch Book Roughs

The rough, and I do mean rough, sketchbook is where I sketch using a water brush filled with ink. It means no erasures, plenty of mistakes, some of them happy ones, but most of all it represents freedom. No expectations of ‘perfection’ or anything close to it. I just go for it and use it as the best way to loosen up before attempting to start something more detailed or more carefully constructed.


Ink sketches with water brush loaded with blue ink

Ink sketches with water brush loaded with blue ink

Then there are the pencil sketches. Mostly these are fooling around with incomplete ideas, but sometimes – wouldn’t you know it – a finished drawing ends up on the cheap paper. Thank goodness for scanners. I can rescue a drawing I really like, print it out on good paper and go from there.

Roughs, mostly pencil, some ink. Partial ideas and ponderings.

Roughs, mostly pencil, some ink. Partial ideas and ponderings.

There is only one good thing to be said about cheap paper … you are never afraid to mess up! But when I want to really work at something, cheap paper is a HUGE hindrance. If you are on a budget, as I am, and why I stuck with digital for so long, then don’t let that prevent you drawing. Go for the cheap paper to begin with, and as your confidence grows, buy a quality pad of drawing paper and choose the paper depending on the materials you want to use. When you’re ready, there are sheets of gorgeous paper to use that will stand up to just about anything you can throw at it.

And of course, there’s always canvas. Just remember, if you buy pre-prepared canvas, add a layer (or 3) of gesso. Yes it ‘says’ it’s already prepared (ie gessoed) but they add stuff to protect the canvas during packing and shipping. Good gesso is, in my opinion, as important for canvas as good quality paint. Keep the cheaper gesso for preparing a visual journal, altered book, or even on your cheap paper to strengthen it.

If all you have is a pencil and paper, go for it! Don’t let anything stop you. There are heaps of YouTube vids on drawing and lots of information on the web. So… till next time ……….

Happy creating 🙂











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