Mortality’s Gifts

Final triptych added

Still Crazy After all these Years

Recently a friend and I were discussing how life threatening illnesses make us aware of our own mortality. Western civilisation is not very good at discussing, let alone embracing death and dying. Somewhat foolish given that it is inevitable.

For us, the impact of such illness has left a lasting legacy. Surprisingly perhaps, not one of fear. Instead the reality of a recurring illness pushed me to a 2 part decision.

To take my art seriously enough to pursue developing it to the best of my ability.

And, conversely, to retain the sense of fun, exploration, experiment and wonder.

The first means that (as some may already know) this year is devoted to ‘hands on art’ with very little digital work. Oh I will still fiddle with cropping, perhaps adding a background, or adjust colour and lighting – my camera is verybasic and some things are too large to…

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