Something so Divine

(For CC)

I don’t create imperfection. You are perfect, you just can’t see it. Heaven is seeing that perfection and being able to live it… perfectly.

When you only see perfection everywhere, everything is precious and to be cherished. Perfection isn’t boring. How can perfect joy, love, peace and fulfilment be boring?

Ergo perfection is only boring to those who see themselves, others and the world as imperfect and therefore less than worthy?

Yes! With perfection comes perfect care… of oneself, of others, of the world and everything in it. Hence the lion lays down with the lamb because each sees, understands, and cherishes the perfection of the ‘other’. How much more so human beings! There is no more ‘other’, there is only Oneness.

Complete harmony.:)


2 thoughts on “Something so Divine

  1. Hi Rosy, my name is Dennis. I am an artist and I am crazy. I can identify with everything you have written so far, so I’ll continue on…You are an amazing writer. ~ Dennis.

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