If you ever doubt how much you depend on your computer … go without for over a week!

I had to give mine into the steady hands of a computer doctor for a virus removal, and a new video card. Mine was so well worn the fan had pretty well fused together and interesting electrical burning smells were coming from its innards.

Because of what I do I have to have a desktop with loads of RAM and space to store – not counting the external HD that holds thousands of images in various stages. But because of what I DON’T earn, I can’t afford to have pretty little lap tops sitting around waiting for me to use them for emails to catch up and stay caught up. Thanks to my amazing friend I DO now have an android.

IT DROVE ME MAD! I can’t count the number of times I was starting to walk into my workroom to use my computer before I remembered it wasn’t there.

On the upside … I read very nearly a book a day. Did some rough (very rough) sketches of ideas I’m playing with for possible paintings. Finished 4 paintings. No I didn’t start and finish them in a week, just finished them off and sealed them.

Thank God for wonderful books written by authors with agile and literate minds!

DISCOVERY: when I’m moving into new territory, right out of my comfort zone, and heading toward something that I’ve been wanting to reach for years (talking art here but it applies to just about anything), I find so many reasons to procrastinate it shocks me.

It seems to be a combination of fear of failure and fear of success! Work that one out.

Here’s the one that began this landslide, now to ride it out to the finish. Wish me luck, and happy creating 🙂


Waving atcha 🙂


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