Getting Whimsical

For most of this year I’ve been working traditionally on both canvas and paper and during that time, been finding my own way into whimsical paintings and drawing and discovering my own whimsy style. The illustrated book I’m working on is to show my children’s children that art does not have to be perfect to be fun and can to lead to other ways of expression. Some of my whimsical paintings are “cute”, some are meant to appeal to the young-at-heart as well as the young.

I’m not ‘new’ to whimsy digitally, but it was a very new experience to me to draw and paint whimsy from scratch on paper, and it has altered the way I paint digitally. That was the whole idea of spending most of this year going back to basics – pencil, paint, paper and canvas.

The early stages were very frustrating for me as whimsy tends to simplify and I had great trouble with that. I compromised 🙂 Sometimes my drawings were very simple (more of those to be digitally redone) but some retrained my love of detail.

Below are the WIP (Works in Progress), and one finished digital painting – Children of the Moon.

Reworking whimsy art, in this case watercolour

Reworking whimsy art, in this case watercolour

WIPNo doubt these will undergo many more changes as I start to paint and repaint them.

Photography Prints

I was quite pleased with the finished product even though it took me 2 days and many layers, but then, I’ve always said I’m slow 🙂

Until next time, happy creating.


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