Detail detail details!

So I’ve been saying that changing to whimsy and it’s simplified style has been a bit of a challenge for me (HA! a bit, she says!). So I thought …

Pictures speak louder than words. Here’s a collage of pen and inks and ‘stuff’ to demonstrate what I mean. (“Stuff” is, of course, a highly technical term understood only by true literati.)

DETAILThey’re all pen and ink with the exception of the giraffes, they were drawn in graphite.

I do love to paint loosely but I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m addicted to details. I was one of those kids who loved searching intricate drawings with hidden details. Not just the puzzle kind where you had to find x number of whatever, but all drawings where the artist had skillfully included tiny details that could only be seen by paying close attention to every part of the image.

Digitally I’m the same. Whether illustration or painting I still love the ‘fiddly bits’. Now you know why I’m s l o w 🙂

Till next time, happy creating, and just love your own style. It’s you, it’s unique and if it comes from the marriage of heart, hand and mind that’s one triangular relationship that is a marriage meant to last.



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