I’ve been going on about whimsy and simplicity, here’s an example of when it doesn’t work!

WIP pixies on my shoulder Sigh. The internal war between simplicity and details continues!

It’s not all bad news however.

Lean on me at ZazzleThese little figures have been forming over this year and I’m almost there with them. The one on the left I will also turn into a card, but I’m a bit fond of the Tshirt idea 🙂

On the subject of Zazzle – more frustration. Zazzle has made some changes I’m just not happy with. Here’s how my store used to look

Zazzle 1And that’s not a great shot by any means, however, as you can see, an artistic header and buttons showing up clearly against a black background. I got lots of lovely compliments about my page, how it looked and how it was easy to navigate.


Zazzle 2Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! Header gone, buttons resized and some changed.

Zazzle_how it looks nowUGH! Now it just looks untidy.

I spent weeks organising my original page and storefront, I could do it all again, but why? Zazzle won’t ask me if they decide to change again. They’ll just do it! It used to feel personal, now it’s just another supermarket 😦

My thanks to those customers who have stuck with me. I do really appreciate it.

So….back to WordPress:

Should I change my header periodically? Have randomly different ones on different pages? Whachafink? 🙂

THANK YOU WP for helping me out of my stupid mistake!!!

Till next time, happy creating.


6 thoughts on “Frustration!!!

  1. Hi Rosy…..I had not thougtht of you being “so industrious” in zazzle….welll I just starting to post in there and not having much time it is stressful. I do adore your shop. Do not worry about details..being so used to draw details…it is a lovely essence that not many can do. It is an splendid “window shop”. Congratulations.

    • Rosa thank you so much. I’m not as industrious there as I used to be.
      It can be very stressful Rosa, and takes a lot of time, plus until you have at least 1,000 items it’s almost impossible to sell anything, although that’s not ALWAYS true. I wish you the very best with your store.
      The main thing, as with all art, is to take your time, have as much fun as you can, and only add what you love 🙂

      Keep going … you will become known and your clients will find you.

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