Finally made up my mind about something I’ve been thinking over for quite some time.

I love the chance to do workshops and training online, however, with a few exceptions  I will no longer do any online workshops that are offered unless –

1. Videos are downloadable


2. Access is indefinite

I support artists especially those who are giving of their time, talents, and skills generously. But there are some considerations I have to take into account. I’m retired and on a Pension so budgeting is essential for me. The majority of the most talented and experienced artists teaching online offer one or the other, and in many cases, BOTH!

There are excellent courses on offer for under $100 and many for under $200 as well. Be canny with your money because once you pay and look at one video, that’s it!

There must always be exceptions, for example and there’s also, there are valid reasons for not downloading from either of these sites.

Also, if you are looking for help remember to go to YouTube. There are many many artists sharing their skills for nothing, or, sharing a few videos to illustrate what they offer in their courses. Shop around, be a little cynical, have a look at what their students are producing, and if they have a course that is less expensive than all the rest, try that one first. Another plus is that there are sites where if you buy more than one course you will receive a further discount.

Next year I’m going to do another round-up of what I’ve discovered in my travels, and what I’ve experienced learning on line. In the meantime …

Happy creating 🙂



2 thoughts on “DECISIONS!

  1. I do not have entered into any course on line…and you are right there are really generous and excellent teachers, that do it for free. I have been tempted many times, but at last I have managed with thte tutorials. What happens is that there are so many things that I would like to learn that I would need like a dozen!!….Did you have some special experience with them? Have you paid for some course and become disappointed? or on the contrary could you recommend some special one for someone that would love to implement her or his digital painting?

    • Yes I’ve done several Rosa and I’ll write about my experiences early next year. There are some fantastic teachers online, and some just keen to have your money 🙂

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