Unseen work and 2013 year in review

These are my favourites of my own work. Just because something turns out well doesn’t mean it becomes a favourite of mine, those that are usually have a story behind the art 🙂

But first a glimpse of a number of unseen works, some WIP, most not quite finished, and a few I’m still mulling over

The Red Queen - Alice in WonderlandRereading Alice was not as enjoyable as when I was little, but the characters still fire my imagination.

Ink and watercolour on canvas pad
Rickshaws is digital, Night Mother is traditional – inks on canvas pad.

Mixed mediaAlso known as "Ratty" :)
My two favourites for vastly different reasons. The rooster because I love ‘chooks’ and Ratty because he was such fun to do.

digitally paintedLots of Aussie animals
These two are linked for me. Passionate is how I feel about art, Finding her Passion is digital and a breakthrough for me, and Woman and Nature is a subject dear to my heart.
graphite portrait illustration
And lastly, a graphite drawing. After all this time I still love working with graphite.

Hope you enjoyed a look at what I consider my favs and until next time
Happy creating …


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