Putting it all together

Missed Friday because 1. wanted to put the new images up and had one to finish and

2. 41C degree heat meant the room with the computer – hottest in the place – was probably that or more 😦

The good side is that my ‘studio’ is the coolest part so I’ve been busy

It all started with sketches and some lousy shots because of different times, *sigh* I’m going to have to scan my sketches and will when the weather is once again milder.

It all started...

It all started…

Klimptian DollThis is how she finished up. I called her my Klimtian Doll. Klimt’s influence is behind all these.

GeishaShe’s almost done, a few more acrylic glazes to tie it all together. There’s one more I’m playing with and not sure where it will lead just yet.

I spent quite a bit of time on the backgrounds as I wanted to tie it all together as strongly as I could and let the Klimt influence be obvious in the patterning. If the temperature drops to something reasonable I may be able to post more otherwise… laters

Till next time… happy creating.








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