Heat and headaches

Unable to post yesterday and today. The combination of a migraine and blistering heat means I couldn’t sit in front of the computer yesterday and today am recovering with air-con blasting.

Happy creating … and hope I’ll be joining in very soon



2 thoughts on “Heat and headaches

  1. Petadolex…..really helps with migraines….I also take CoQ10….B2 and magnesium…all have been studied for efficacy…..I take them all and have gone from horrible migraines where I couldn’t move for fear of vomiting…in the dark….3 days a few times a month to no headaches hardly at all and when I get them they are mild and one Aleve takes care of it. Google these and see!

    • Don’t think that’s available in Australia Sharon (Petadoxes & Aleve – possibly under different names), but thanks. Fortunately it’s rare for me now, where once it was a regular problem. I appreciate your thoughtfulness 🙂

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