WIP, FB and Q&A :)

WIP = Work in Progress which you can now find as I post it on my new FB Page (Facebook Page) here along with the FB movie of my contributions since I joined FB, and a very nice job they’ve done too – here.


New work composite

Q&A …

Recently I had a conversation via a friend’s blog. What it revealed was a good insight for me so I’m very grateful to her for the question. Here is my reply:

Yes to the former Lianne. I do think there is a perception among some traditional artists that all digital art is either a painted photo, someone else’s work given a filter or one of the many programmed filters, and that digital art is fast and easy and requires only computer skills, not drawing/painting etc. The sad thing is that up to a point, they’re right. There are still too many passing off as their own (in its entirety) the work of others. Add a filter, run it through an automated clever ‘art’ software program – even Corel Painter will allow you to do that – and call it your own, never giving credit to the photographer or source! But those days are fast fading as more and more is required of the digital artist and the internet is educating everyone. Old story “you can fool all of the people some of the time” …. you know the rest.

I still hear that working on a computer to produce art is ‘cold’. As if I’m somehow heartless to even consider it!

As for my abstracts – now that’s a tricky one 🙂 I think my strength/s, when I exercise it/them, is design and colour. Design comes from the pen and ink I love to do, colour from a childhood spent in the sub-tropics surrounded by and in love with, all the flew, swam, blossomed, and all that arrived at the table in glorious often flamboyant colour. But it’s taken me most of my life to recognise this about myself.

My abstracts evolve as an emotional response to colour and movement. I start with the colour. Just playing to begin with, so many (of my works) never get beyond that. Instead that ‘play’ ignites the idea that’s been dormant. However, and this is the exciting bit for me, something begins to emerge in front of me like Mother Earth (my love of her bounty) or any of the sea inspired abstracts (Gone Fishing, Silk Starfish): these speak of a love of creation much too deep to express in any other way because it goes beyond words and representational art – so much for cold! At other times it’s my love of pattern, and that shows in geometric forms Circles and Squares for example, and that love is also based in nature and began with my earliest art forms inspired by cell and muscle structures as in physiology and anatomy.

You can find Lianne’s blog here. Below are the abstracts I referred to in response to her question.

abstract collageWell that’s it for now, and until next time … happy creating 🙂



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