Sorry, running late … here’s why

Yep, running late again. Been in a creative frenzy – 3 redheads done, 1 to go, and a larger work started.

the-redheadsThey’ve kept me busy 🙂 The flowers and plants I added last and they all have meaning. I love working with graphite, always have and I’ve returned to it with great pleasure. Colour is added only when I’m satisfied with the graphite and only selectively. I’ve deserted these lovely ladies temporarily to begin on this larger work – LOTS more to do. More surreal this time. Been a while since I’ve used surrealism to express myself and I’ve been missing it

beginningsmy-deskMy little studio always starts out so tidy, and the busier I get, the more supplies and references pile up. It gets pretty messy once I’m full on into a project.

my-studioI like to have some finished work around me to remind me in those trying moments when things go wrong “You can do this!” 🙂 I’m running out of space. There are bits and pieces on the back of the sofa, books piled against the sofa on the floor, and on the sofa itself. Every time I hit a ‘dead spot’ I clean and tidy everything up to get ready for the next frenzied outburst lol.

And then there’s the digital side of things.

Digital toolsMy dear old Bamboo tablet is now used daily (and shows it) instead of a mouse, which I rarely use. The Wacom on the right is the ‘get down to business’ tablet – the one I use when I get into some serious digital painting – Painter, Photoshop, or ArtRage. Not much of that lately as the high temperatures have kept me out of the computer room and the computer turned off except for a brief hour or so at night when it’s coolest. The good side of that is my studio area is the coolest spot.

The worst of the heatwave should be pretty much over by now for which we’ll all be grateful, but none more so than those who live in high risk bushfire areas. My sincere best wishes to those who live in the Grampians.

Till next time … Happy creating



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