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For all the amazing women who have influenced my life – from every culture, country, faith, and colour – this is my acknowledgement of your value and the gift of your stories.


Normally 1-2 a week and usually late in the week Fri-Sun.

That may change later, but for now it’s what I believe I can manage.


Why on earth is a woman who is essentially reserved and private starting a blog?

Why indeed! You may think that 20 years in theatre contradicts the ‘private & reserved’ but that is far from true. Actors, especially character actors, are often shy or reserved or both. Theatre is demanding. To truly live a role one has to pull out every experience and memory if the part is to be real. But here’s the thing… it is a ‘role’, a part that one walks away from and back into life. Unlike those who can quote almost all their lines years later, I’d be flat out remembering my best lines. Why? Because character acting is about learning ‘why’ a character says/does/moves in a particular way in response to whatever is happening on stage and with other characters. Rote learning is useless if you want to convey intent, so no, I don’t remember lines from plays. And reserved is not the same as shy. The blog… what about the blog? Soon, I’m coming to that.

So who is this Rosy and why should I read her posts?

Well firstly there are no ‘shoulds’. If you like what you see you will hopefully want to read on. Images tease and lure giving us a taste of what might be.

Well known ‘fact’ – Artists are Crazy!

Photo and sketch collage

We have to be!

In the background (of the photos) are some of my quick cartoon sketches. Something I do when I’m stuck or feel like “I can’t draw!!!!”. It’s amazing how much it helps. It takes a certain amount of craziness to create, whether art, poetry, prose or performing on stage. But would we change it if we could? Not me. For an Australian not to be able to send themselves up, and have others laughing with them, is the equivalent of a French native, saying “I was born in France, I’ve lived here all my life, but I don’t speak French!” Just not possible. Not taking oneself too seriously is a National trait, and those who aren’t aware can be puzzled to the point of coma when they first come across it, especially in a group. It’s known as “Taking the p***”  out of oneself or someone else because we’re a pretty basic bunch and tend to earthy humour.  But it must be said it’s done with good humour and good naturedly.

Artists are mysterious creatures given to flights of fantasy – fact or fiction?

The play and the playerI guess it depends on what kind of artist. As a singer/songwriter, actress/director/playwright, prose and poetry writer, and finally, finally spending my time creating art, I guess I have to plead guilty to all.

So who am I … and what was that about a blog?

Age is the great leveller so it is said. The older I get the more I am aware of those sands running out the bottom of the hour glass. How long have I got? What have I contributed? What more could I do? Perhaps, just perhaps, some of my writing and art could reach out and touch someone. For some people it’s images, and for some it’s writing. So with some trepidation I’m writing a blog. Posting stories that are ‘fraction’ – a mix of fiction and fact. Or at least, personal experience mixed with fiction. Sometimes all fiction, because quite frankly it would bore me spitless to write about nothing but my own life and experience. And sometimes I give in to my desire to write whimsy… sheer nonsense for the fun of it and to raise a smile. A well developed sense of the ridiculous is a blessing and I share that with my daughter. After a long illness that threatened to take my life, my daughter and I sat down to plan my funeral. Now that sounds really sad, morbid, and dreary doesn’t it? Not so. Not for us. There were tears, yes, but mixed with bouts of hilarity as we envisaged some of the probable scenarios and how they could go wrong. Well that’s life isn’t it? We plan and plan and nothing ever quite goes the way we think it will. Why not laugh about it? (Hmm I may have to write a story about that particular conversation.)

Art – traditional and digital

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up?”

“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”


As a child anything artistic I produced was unappreciated and largely mocked. We don’t all have loving and encouraging parents! However, my writing was encouraged by a couple of teachers and my reading by one teacher in particular. Art was not encouraged at home or at school. Not in my day! Not surprisingly the first thing I did when I left home was become involved in theatre. 🙂 That still makes me laugh. There followed a 20yr love affair with acting – admittedly with some breaks in-between. It took more than 40yrs for the art to surface. And a long time before I had the courage to make that art public. When people comment on my imagination and how prolific I am, I smile. Creativity that has had 40yrs to percolate, when it starts to bubble,  bubbles over and (to mix metaphors) turns into a flood! Add to that mix, years of avid reading alongside acting, singing, becoming a mother, marriage and divorce, and there is a wealth of material for that creativity to get to work on. Space, economics and health affected my choice about materials later in life. Digital art became the refuge – the place where I could paint in any medium I chose without repercussions to my health. I still draw in pen and ink, sometimes with the soft pastels I love (when I can find the space to cope with pastel dust), and occasionally with acrylics. I have yet to find oils I can safely use though I believe there are safe water based oils available now. So digital it is… mostly. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery and, sometimes, self-revelation. Don’t expect too much revelation in any obvious way though… reserved is reserved.

You can find my work here: mistikkal.artistwebsites.com

Contact: mistikkal@gmail.com

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